Case Studies

Recent Project Success Stories

One of our unique strengths is the service we can provide during design. Our experience has taught us that projects go better when all members of the construction team (Owner, Design Team, and Construction Professional) are involved from the initial design meeting through the owner taking possession of the facility.

Our team has a proven track record of success when we are involved early in the project. Our involvement in the early stages of the project leads to less constructability issues during construction, minimal change orders, and a smooth running job. This could be in either the capacity of a Construction Manager or Design/Build Contractor.

Please take a moment to review the following case studies. On each project the owner was able to get what they needed, add some of the items they wanted, stay within budget and utilize their new facility when they planned to. In each example Starr Corporation was involved in all phases of the project.

College of Southern Idaho-Health Science Human Services Building


This $21 million project was originally slated to include a 68,000sf building, site improvements, and be LEED certified. During design we advised the owner the project had been over funded. The owner elected to stay with the original budget and increase the scope of work. The final product was 72,400sf and was Gold LEED certified.

Kimberly School District-Campus Wide Expansion


This $10.25 million campus wide expansion was to include the demolition of an existing building, construction of a new school building, adding to multiple buildings, road improvements, a new track, and modest ag building. We delivered all these items plus a new roof on the administration building, doubled the size of the Ag building, purchased and installed a greenhouse for the Ag program, added a VOIP system, and added sidewalks in various locations across the campus. Starr Corporation helped the district and design team closely monitor the project budget. As a direct result of this level of stewardship the district was able to add to the scope while staying within the original budget.

City of Kimberly-Kimberly City Hall


Starr Corporation recently completed construction of the City Hall in Kimberly, Idaho. This project remodeled an existing fire station into the new City Hall. The project budget was very tight. The City of Kimberly had saved funds for over 10 years in preparation for this project. In the original budget $545,000 was allocated to the remodel. Final bids came in at $541,000. The city moved in on the promised date and is currently using the facility.

Wendell School District-Wendell Elementary School


Starr Corporation is currently serving as the Construction Manager on this project. The project includes phased construction of a 62,000sf elementary school and demolition of the existing school buildings. The final tally of all bid packages was about 3% under our budget. During the course of design our budgeting and construction methodology feedback helped the construction team choose materials that ultimately saved enough money to fund the construction of four additional classrooms. Phase One is on track to be complete this summer. A solid design, well written bid packages, and a thorough constructability review have kept change orders at about 1.2% of the cost of construction.